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Chef Khan


“I certainly didn’t plan on opening an upscale restaurant in rural Chehalis, Washington. But, how often do plans go accordingly? Upon finishing school at Western Culinary in Portland, I was chosen to work with Rick Tramonto at TRU in Chicago. That incredible experience put me on the exact learning track that I was hoping for. I furthered my learning by working with Stu Stein in Portland.


My sons lived in Chehalis. So, I returned after

several months of commuting. It was time to

make new decisions. Within a year, I created

Mackinaws the Restaurant, and have had little

time to look back.

Chef (hat).jpg



Being a mother of three teenage boys, my being a Chef was probably a decision not well thought out. Mackinaws

became their home – they were young Chefs in training, helping their mom get through all those busy nights.

They knew that the only time they had to spend with me was at the restaurant, so instead of resenting all of

those sport and school events that I was not able to attend, they actually allowed me to become their hero. It has

been an incredibly bittersweet experience but, I too, am proud of who I have become.”

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